Friday, July 31, 2009

Super Jenn

Adorable Jenn de la Vega worked with us to refurbish her Fuji Touring bike and this is the result. Almost all original parts and a lovely smile to top it off. Jenn is the Prez of a great record company originally from Davis CA that has roots in community radio. Mushpot records is a hip, child-friendly label out of Bed Stuy that has won my heart overnight. Y'all should check their offerings.
When we refurbished her bike, she upgraded her tires to Panaracer Paselas and we wrapped her bars with Planet Bike cork ribbon. All new cables and brake pads and full bearing overhauls make this bike nicer than New Old Stock. We have been building up some great offerings including a Black 52 cm Soma Rush fixed gear with 165 mm Sugino 75 cranks, Chris King Head Set, Nitto Cro Moly Keirin bars, Mavic MA2 Rims laced onto Cartridge Bearing hubs and 23 mm Vredstein Fortezza Tricomp 175 psi tires. I am not selling it with Brakes but they can easily be mounted. SUPER BUENO.
Today was Angelito's 28th birthday and we had a great barbecue on the lawn infront of the shop. There were Deleriums all around and Jerry bought his son a six pack of Golden Monkeys for his bitrhday. That makes it official; the beer of the shop has changed from the Loose Cannons to the Golden Monkey. Don't drink and ride y'all.

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